Who Cares What That Designer Says?

I’m sure it seems like a loaded question for some, but this is all going to come from an honest to goodness place in my heart. Let me start with some back story.

I’ve been doing some major soul searching for the last month or so. Feeling very uninspired and contemplating whether or not I was doing what I was supposed to be with my life. Β I’ve always loved design, found so much excitement in a good DIY project and was constantly looking for the next adrenaline rush that would come from a completed job well done. There really is nothing like a beautiful plan coming together- amirite?!

Lately I’ve been feeling like it was all just too much work. There was no joy in design, in fact I’d say that my ‘idea well’ had all but dried up. Scary for me, since I’ve built a career on it, and especially scary since my family depends on me. Here’s where things turned around, in a big way.

I stopped for a minute and I listened to podcasts, I read books and blogs, and most importantly; I talked about it. To my husband, to my doctor, to my closest friends. I admitted that I wasn’t feeling like myself and asked for help. Simple (and terrifying) as that. And here’s the best part. They listened. They were here for me, and they helped me out of that funk! I took a couple of weeks to re-balance myself, our home life (I’m a work-at-home-mama with two handsome boys) and re-evaluated what was important for me when it comes to design and the kinds of projects I love to take on. I went back to my notes from my most favourite book ‘Big Magic’ and remembered what gave me the most joy when I was creating for both my clients and our family. The answer to both was so clear. Authenticity.

Creating perfect looking spaces that are magazine worthy is great. Creating beautiful spaces that spark joy and conversation among family and friends is better. Designing homes that are both comfortable and functional, personal and tell the story of YOUΒ is what makes my heart sing. In my home and our DIY projects it’s the story of US that I loved, not the constant turning out of projects!

So here I am, at the end of this journey telling you to forget about what that designer you follow on social media is saying (…except for right now, listen to me first and then do as you wish- ha!) Take what they call ‘trendy’ or ‘so over’, or whatever with a grain of salt, and instead of filling your shopping cart with an entire collection of ‘things’ wait. Listen to what calls to you and curate a space that is authentic to you and your family. That tells your story, that brings you peace and makes you feel most at home.

Designing your home should be a personal collection of those things that bring you joy and happiness! Build on those things and fill your space with love!

To say that I’m grateful for my handsome handyman hero (he literally always has my back!), and blessed to be surrounded by supportive family and friends would be an understatement. To haveΒ clients who keep coming to me with new and exciting projects, my joy comes from creating with you and for you! And to you, the ones who read my blog a huge THANK YOU! for reading and sticking with me, I couldn’t be more excited to continue sharing our families stories and projects with you!

Finally, here’s to filling your space with joy and happiness, many new and exciting projects on the horizon, and much love from me!


Family Room 2017

PS- here is my little corner of the world. The place that is the most me, the most comfortable and where my family gathers.



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