Overhead Lighting; It’s More Than Boob Lights Folks.

If you’ve found value in those flush mount lighting multi-packs, (affectionately known as ‘Boob Lights’) that’s great. A dome light has it’s purpose and is terrific for lighting up those hallways and transitional spaces, however I’d love you to consider upgrading a few of those lights in special areas of your home.
Here’s why.
Not only are you upgrading, you’re actually creating a custom look for your home. Touches that set your foyer, dining room, or living room apart from the other spaces in your home and apart from other houses in your neighbourhood. Setting a theme or mood in your en suite for example, can be achieved by hanging a chandelier over the bathtub, similar to the Moroccan inspired space below.
For a dramatic dining space, dare to hang a chandelier! Whether you choose something modern and contemporary, traditional or timeless, a low hanging fixture will make a high ceiling seemΒ lower and bring an intimate feel to your space. Over your dining table is an especially perfect space for a large fixture because it can be hung nice and low and safely over a table (where you won’t hit your head). For the perfect conversation/sight line views while you’re dining and entertaining you should hang your lighting fixture no lower than 34″ from the table top if you’re working with a room with 8 ft ceilings.

Thinking outside of the box could come into play when looking at your bedroom lighting. Instead of the conventional single light in the middle of the room think pot lights for when more lighting is needed, but also hanging two single pendants over each side of the bed. This eliminates the need for side table lamps, while still providing some nice ambient light for reading or winding down before bed.

Now that I’ve got you thinking about it, what do you think about upping your lighting game? Are you brave enough to go all in, or would you take your time searching for the perfect lights and budget them in over time?

If you’ve started switching lights out or have a favourite hanging already I’d love to see photos in the comments below!

Talk soon!




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