A Tale of Too Many Throws – The DIY Blanket Ladder Project.

It’s an age old story of loveΒ and betrayal.

Girl falls in love with throw, thinks of how wonderful and cozy it would be to curl up on a cold winters night with said throw and buys it immediately. Until the next time she’s at HomeSense, finds a new warm, soft fuzzy and moves on. Cue the pile of blankets sitting in my linen closet and I think you get the rest.

Our rec room was a cold and dreary place to spend time. (Full makeover post coming soon!) To liven and warm the place up I thought, ‘What better than a blanket ladder!’ I could use it to store some of my beautiful throws and its so convenient having them at arms reach for those chilly movie nights! Looking online however I noticed that most of the ones I was drawn to were priced above $100!

I knew I could do better, off to Home Depot I went!


I picked up two 8ft pieces of 1 x 4 and two 1 1/2″ wooden dowels and got down to designing the blanket ladder of my dreams! Thinking 5ft 8in long, with 16″ wide rungs (from the top) at 12″, 26″, 40″ and finally 54″. This leaves 14″ at the bottom for the last blanket to hang without dragging on the floor.


First I cut the two 1 x 4’s at a length of 5’8″. At one end of both pieces I cut a sliver off at 10Β° so the ladder will properly lean against the wall. After cutting my dowel into 16″ pieces I found the center of the 1 x 4 and made 4 marker points (at the above measurements) for the drill press to cut 1/4″ deep holes into. Not going all the way through the wood meant having lots of real estate for wood glue.

To assemble I put the wood glue into each 1/4″ rung hole, and then screwed from the outside of the 1 x 4 into the center of the dowel, and continued down the whole right side. Then I repeated the process with the left until I had a sturdy ladder built! (Note: Not sturdy enough to climb!)

For simplicity’s sake I would say staining the wood before assembling the ladder would probably be the only think I’d change. I would guess the ins and outs would be easier, but this did work for me. I chose the ‘Dark Walnut’ Wood Finish Stain by Mixwax. It turned out to be a beautiful dark colour from the first coat, so happily one-and-done it was!


And TA-DA! There it is! In all its blanket storage glory! A perfect addition to our rec room, and a fantastic way to change up my favourite throws seasonally (because yeah, I have that many… whoops!) And if I had to guess it cost me under $20 to build myself, a win in itself!


Are you a blanket-aholic like me? Maybe we should have meetings or something to break us of this habit… or we might need more ladders. Let me know in the comments!

Stay warm!







One thought on “A Tale of Too Many Throws – The DIY Blanket Ladder Project.

  1. peady says:

    So smart! Snazzy, too!

    A person simply has to have all the throws! I mean, we live in a place that celebrates all the seasons – sometimes all within the same week! πŸ˜€

    Love this post. Great DIY!


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