The Valentine’s Roundup of LOVE Inspired Colours!

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! Or Galentine’s Day if that’s what you’re celebrating (And I hope that you are!). You might not be thinking about colours today but I get all of the heart eyes when I think of pinks and reds and all those LOVE inspired beauties in between!

Here is a roundup of my favourite ‘Shades of Love’ by Benjamin Moore!

  1. Peony (2079-30)
    This one is an obvious choice for me. Its my favourite brave and bold pink. If you don’t get heart eyes just looking at this shade, you must not like fun! A bouquet of Peonies on Valentines day will surely brighten your day!


  2. Million Dollar Red (2003-10)
    A million reasons to love this fearless and rich red. Like a good red lippy or your favourite red dress, it’s passionate, it’s fiery and definitelyΒ adds a dramatic sexiness.


  3. Rose Petal (2010-60)
    The softness of the prettiest pink rose petal all wrapped up in a paint colour. It brings along playfulness, charm and sweet dreams.


  4. Caliente (AF-290)
    Hot and spicy this red has just enough edge. It evokes courage and invites you to take chances with bringing colour into your life.


  5. Valentine’s Day (2077-60)
    The obvious choice to round out this list is the colour with the namesake to prove it belongs. While this isn’t the easiest colour to throw into your home you can take it easy by up-cycling a favourite piece of furniture!


Do you decorate your home for Valentines? I’m guessing you don’t paint, but I just couldn’t resist the thought of it! After all, I am a Colour Enthusiast. Truthfully we don’t paint for the day either, but with our Peony powder room we don’t really need to do we?


Sending you heart eyes from our home to yours, no matter how you celebrate or who you love!




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