5 Ways to Bring Colour to Your Home

We’re only halfway through winter and I’m already craving bright hues! Oh I know, it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of colour. I will admit that I’ve even gone as far as proclaiming to be a ‘Colour Enthusiast’ on my very own business cards! While I understand not everyone is as WILD about colour as me, I do believe that every home should have a bit of it.

Colour can add warmth to a space, can bring through your own unique personality and add interest to parts of a room that may go unnoticed. Believe it or not, there is even such thing as ‘Colour Therapy’! Certain colours are proven to provoke emotions, lighten moods, and promote an overall well-being, and isn’t that the end game in choosing finishes for our homes?

Here are my favourite ways to bring some of those good vibes into your home!

  1. Plants- This is an easy one, whether its bright beautiful orchids in the bathroom or fresh green herbs on the kitchen window sill, you’re adding at least one colour in and breathing life, literally, into your space! (Pro-Tip, if you can’t keep plants alive, fake it ‘til you make it my friend! There are some beautiful ones at HomeSense right now!)
  1. Art- Finding art doesn’t have to be complicated. Do a Paint Night with friends, hang up a gallery of some bright candid photos of your family and friends, or buy a bold piece that speaks to you as soon as you lay eyes on it! (Splurge a bit if it means bringing that joy to your home full time!)
  2. Accessories- Curtains, pillows, throws, small appliances, rugs- you name it! Pick a single colour, or a series of complementary colours to take throughout. These items can be total jumping off points for a bold wall colour if you’re daring, or can be pared with a beautiful neutral for easy change up over time.
  3. Furniture- Whether you use current décor pieces to dictate furniture colour or vice versa, you can make bold moves with these larger pieces. If you LOVE a gorgeous deep, rich colour but you’re not quite sure about how long you’ll love it for, buy an accent chair or side table instead of a sofa. You can play on the colour, or tone it down later with paint or a neutral throw and a pillow.
  4. Small Rooms- Some of you may remember the pink powder room from our own renovation project. I tell you this, it’s been 2+ years and I don’t regret it one bit. Powder rooms act as the perfect little spot to take big chances, whether its with paint or wallpaper. Its OK to have a little fun and have guest will love the unexpected! Remember, big risks aren’t so big in small spaces, ha!

Are you someone who shies away from colour, or are you a colour enthusiast yourself? Maybe somewhere in between? How you have brought colour into your own homes! Post some photos below. I’d really love to see!

Until next time!



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