The Post-Holiday Christmas Purge!

Warning. Its not pretty, but its totally necessary!

Every year, just before Christmas we go through the same organizational nightmare. We pull a dozen totes out of the crawlspace, rummage through looking for the holiday decor we like and pile everything else back in. After Christmas, same thing except we’re adding more trinkets and such we’ve collected over the month. Its stressful, its ugly and its all too much! And while I’m thinking of it, why oh why do we keep so many strands of Christmas lights, particularly those that don’t work? *sigh*


This year we did it differently. Insert the Post-Christmas Holiday Purge! Both Brett and I decided what was most special to our Holiday tradition, which lights, garlands and bobbles we loved and only decorate using those things. Then we did the traditional put the rest away to be ‘laters’ problem. We didn’t even buy ONE new Christmas decoration this year! We were so happy with how the house looked it was totally unnecessary!


I have to say this was our most relaxing and fun Christmas ever. There was no pressure to be perfect, to have a million gifts under the tree or to really go anywhere. We enjoyed the whole holiday, together as a family!


Yesterday we went through the old totes, double checking we hadn’t missed anything and making piles ‘donate’ ‘keep’ and ‘trash’.Β It wasn’t even hard after everything was up and festive. Doing more with less felt better even!


Everything that came down from the walls and windows went into appropriately labelled totes.


Its amazing!Β We’re down to only 6 totes, 2 being tree ornaments! They can be tucked neatly into the back of the crawl space until next year and we feel so much lighter!

Some tips to being successful in your very own Post-Christmas Holiday Purge:

  • Try a purge as you pack away your seasonal bits, keep everything that means something and toss the fillers. You’ll love yourself for it next year!
  • Buy totes. Totes are much more durable and waterproof than any bag, cardboard box or whatever you might be using to house it all together. And they’re stackable! #winning!
  • Label! Label the side- for easy visibility when stacked- which room the decor elements go, and (roughly) label what items are in the totes. When you’re looking for your abundance of white extension cords (because that emergency happens from time to time) you’ll know exactly where they are!

Now that the house is put back together, vacuumed, dusted and scrubbed we can relax for this last day before back to work and school. And by relax I mean play Playdoh and Go Fish and Kitchen and Paw Patrol.


I hope your Holidays were Merry and Bright, and that when you’re un-decorating this week (or next year if you’re already over it) that you’ll purge, label and stack your way into happier, quicker and much less stressful decorating!




One thought on “The Post-Holiday Christmas Purge!

  1. Krista says:

    This is so great! Well done on purging the unnecessary. It’s tough not to be sentimental about holiday decor (personally) but it’s also such a relief to unload the stuff that doesn’t work or fit into your life anymore! Happy New Year!


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