The Wood Lovers Guide to Summer Fashion.

Friends! Those who know me well, know that my wardrobe consists of jeans, basic tees and Converse sneakers. Who am I to be writing a post on fashion? Especially on a home decor/DIY blog? Hear me out!


I’m such a firm believer in bringing natural elements into your home whenever possible, that the thought of a watch, made of my favourite go-to DIY material (sweet, sweet wood) had me fallin’ in love!


Not only are these watches made from sustainable materials, JORD makes ’emΒ lightweight, and this model, the ‘Ely’ in Dark Sandalwood even has a date window. The clasp on the back is stainless steel, but is almost completely covered by wood when closed (and this has GOT to be the easiest watch to put on!)


I love the balance between the warmth of the wood, and the modern hour and second details on the watch face. Just like in your home decor- its all about balance! Side note, how totally awesome does this piece look as decor while its not on your wrist?


Of course I had to pair this beaut with my favourite pair of earrings, also made from wood!

Basically, if you’re in the market for a new watch, I definitely recommend checking out the gorgeous selection JORD has to offer! Here is a link to the model I have, and for all of their other watches here. Also because I’m obsessed, this is going on my wishlist!

Oooh! And before I go, because you guys are amazeballs, I’m giving away a $75 gift card to go towards your very own JORD watch! You can enter here, (contest ends 7/24/16) and even if you don’t win, they’ll send a $20 e-gift card your way! BAM!


K, I’m out of here! I’m working like a crazy person on a big project with a super fun client, and check back soon for a new project made of *wood*! (I totally did the Joey Gladstone-Mr. Woodchuck thing from Full House, out loud just now. You’re probably doing it now too. Ha!)

See you soon!






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