5 Colours to Bring Spring to Your Front Door!

Ok you guys, I’m calling it! Spring has SPRUNG!

Now that the sun is shining and temperatures are rising we’re all looking to the outside and Mother Nature, to start providing us with all of the beautiful bright colours we come to expect this time of year. Why not help the spread the colour love by giving your front door a refresh? Don’t know where to start, I will help you!

The first step in finding your perfect front door colour is in the planning. You want to take a look at your surroundings. Take a drive through your neighbourhood, get a feel for what you see trending with your neighbours.

Don’t see anything that really speaks to you? Be the trendsetter!

Take into consideration your own home. Shrubbery, perennials getting ready to pop in the front garden, stone and siding. It’s important that you don’t choose anything that will look unappealing, or clash and to find something that will actually tie in the existing elements in your yard. If you’re working with a blank canvas, neutral siding, no plants to contend with, the possibilities are almost endless.

Here are a few colours from Benjamin Moore that just scream READY FOR SPRING!
(and for the record will work all year long if you let them!)

             Crocus Petal Purple - 2071-40Flamingos Dream 2002-40Green Coral - 2045-50

Spring Meadow Green 2031-40Yellow Rain Coat 2020-40

Top left to right: Crocus Petal Purple (2071-40), Flamingo’s Dream (2002-40), Green Coral (2045-50).
Bottom left to right: Spring Meadow Green (2031-40), Yellow Rain Coat (2020-40).

While you’re at it, get a couple new planters, or freshen up the old ones. Fill them with plants in complementary colours, add a nice new door mat and VOILA! You’re ready to welcome the new season!

If you need some more coaxing, here are some fabulous front door inspiration pictures:




Never fear going BOLD on your front door. You are special, and amazing, and its your home! Show off that personality!

I’m working on changing up our front porch and doing some landscaping in the next few weeks at the Minty Green Dream House- so looking forward to sharing that with you. Maybe we’ll even change up the Raspberry Blush? Time will tell!

Talk soon,
2015-07-31 02.28.42


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