The Master Closet- Lets get Organized!

When I got the email from Good Housekeeping, letting me know that my closet was chosen as part of a organizational project they were working on I was thrilled!.. For about 5 seconds, and then it hit me. My closet was that much of a mess Good Housekeeping thought I needed professional help organizing it!

They weren’t wrong. I’m no longer ashamed to admit that this corner of the house had been a catch all for the last 4 years. It was our closet, our dressing room, the place where we filed all of our paper work. Its where the cards and small gifts from baby showers of the past had been kept, halloween costumes (or pieces of them at least), shoe boxes and anything else that we would think ‘hmmm, maybe someday I’ll need one of these’. We we’re wrong. There will never come a day when we go looking for green foam antlers, not for good anyway, ha.

I remember, when we first moved in, thinking we had so much storage, what an amazing walk in closet! Sure, there were lots of cubbys, and the rod went from one side of the room to the other but we allowed ourselves to accumulate so much stuff that it really wasn’t functional for us anymore. Was it ever really?


Amelia Meena, founder of Appleshine NYCΒ gave me some wonderful organization tips, as well as some purging advice. “First, edit + purge any items that aren’t useful, current, purposeful or inspirational”

I decided to take her words as gospel, because come on- I needed to! And get right to it!I cleaned out a TON of old clothing, stuff I hadn’t worn in years, like the other junk on the shelves there were things I was saving for a rainy day. Shirts and pants for when if I someday was to lose 20lbs(+/-), when lets face it, I’m enjoying my life too much to stress out over whether or not I’ll ever be in those clothes again, and if I was, wouldn’t I want fabulous new clothes? Yes! In total I donated 4 clear bags of clothes, shoes and other items to the local goodwill, stuff that put simply didn’t bring me any joy. And believe me when I tell you, I definitely feel 20 pounds lighter!

The next project was taking down all the shelving. It wasn’t cutting the mustard as far as helping us stay organized was concerned so they needed to go!Β Clearing out the room was shocking to me. It really was a huge space! Doing some research I realized that we could use a better system on that main wall, and use the rest of the space for other things, add a mirror, a smaller shelf for when I’m taking off my earrings and glasses at the end of the day.It was so fun to get creative in such a functional way! Getting rid of the light was a must, as well as taking out the bullnosing from around the window and trim it out.

We painted the walls Palladian Blue (HC-144) by Benjamin Moore. Its such a beautiful, fresh colour, exactly the way I want to feel when I’m getting ready in the morning so it was perfect. The trim-work, to match the rest of the house was painted out in Chantilly Lace (OC-65) also by Benjamin Moore. The contrast between these too is just heavenly! And the room felt even bigger! I couldn’t wait to fill it with well organized pretty things!

Closet Build

On a trip to The Home Depot we found a fabulous organizer from Closet Maid. It was a nice, simple white kit to start, with lots of options to add different storage solutions as you go. We didn’t need anything too elaborate, so just went with the basic kit, and some extra shelving to put across the top, and side bars for basket storage.

Finally, we finished the room by changing out the light and adding crown moulding. I know what you’re probably thinking- is crown moulding necessary in a closet, and the answer is ABSOLUTELY. You’re not just building a closet, you’re building a beautiful dressing room, you deserve it! And because the wall organizer was so useful, I even had space to add a chair, a gorgeous full length mirror, and some other little bibs and bobs!

So without further ado, here it is! Organized, functional, and oh so pretty!


Dressing Chair

Something Amazing


I have learned so much with this experience! We really don’t need to hold on to all of those things we think we need do, and it feels so good letting go! I really hope you’re inspired to go a purge and clean up of your own- your home and heart will thank you. Like I said before, you deserve it!1ac62-signature

PS- If you need more inspiration to purge and organize other spaces in your home, here is the Good Housekeeping article that can help!



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