Treat Yourself – Bedroom Edition.

This is all about YOU!

This week I had the pleasure of helping a client surprise her husband with a master bedroom makeover! This got me thinking- how many of us are switching off the lights at night in a place best described as ‘just a room with a bed’? Can I bet that there might be a pile of laundry in said room, or more than one pile, in various stages of launder? Some ‘to be filed’ paperwork on the dresser? Heck! Likely even a sippy cup and some dinkies on the floor?

See? You’re not alone here!

Maybe I’m wrong, but I will say that if it sounds like yours too, I’m right there with you. This is the last room in the house to get any love. Its (believe it or not!) still the same colour as it was when we moved in 4 years ago. While I don’t mind orange as a colour, its just not the calm and nurturing feeling I’m looking for in a master bedroom. We’re still waiting a bit longer before it gets its much needed complete makeover but until then it needs something. Here’s why:

To me your master bedroom should be your retreat, your soft place to land, and on top of that, this place can have the effect of set the tone for the day ahead when you wake. Why not give it a refresh? Spruce it up, get organized, sleep well and see what great things happen as a result. And if its just you, all the more reason!

First- Grab your most comfy sheets. If you don’t have a favourite set you’re missing out and should definitely invest! (Mine are GlucksteinHome from the Bay. 500 thread count, Egyptian cotton, dreamy as all get out, and are actually on sale right now!) Wash them up, and a bonus if you can, hang them outside to dry. There is nothing better! When you make your bed, make it pretty! Really focus on making it look like something you’d just die to crawl into after a long day. Smooth out the sheets, puff up that duvet, add a couple accent pillows. Treat yourself!


Next- Dust and organize your bedroom. A cluttered room will bring on a cluttered mind, and good luck sleeping with one of those. Get to that laundry pile! While you’re at it why not make a pile to keep, and a pile to donate. Less for you to put away and you’ll be helping other too! Take a break, check your facebook, but set a 10 minute timer. When it goes off, back to it! And if it helps, I’ve been known to have a glass of wine and the music cranked up while I work! Whatever gets it done. Then treat yourself!

Finally- And again, as Tom Haverford says “Treat yo’self!” after all that work, you deserve it! Pick yourself up a bouquet of flowers, throw them in a vase and set them in your new retreat.



I’d love to hear about how you treat yo’self! Let me know below, and even attach pictures of your refreshed Master Bedroom.

Talk soon!




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