Fall at the Dream House

Ladies and Gents, its the best time of the year! – Sweater Weather!

I love fall, cooler temps and hot drinks! I love the layered clothing, (oh those boots and scarves) and do I really NEED a reason to switch up decor? No! But’ll I’ll take it!

Full disclosure, I have struggled with fall decor ever since painting the door coral. Inspiration was hard to come by with all of the warm red and orange hues, and short of going with ghost pumpkins to the max I really had no clue. Cue the amazing Home Sense find!


I stumbled across this pillow on Sunday and immediately saw the potential. The pattern was similar to the one I had stenciled in the entry, and really felt warm and cozy, like a sweater. It had coral, to tie in the door, black to tie in the finishes, and grey to match the deck, but also introduced a wheat, gold and red colour! What a find, and what a great jumping off point!

From that I grabbed some wheat, and a bunch of adorable red apples and organized them in the perfect yard sale find, a galvanized pitcher (sorry Ma, finders keepers!)



Then I went outside! Remember the turquiose-y blue chair from the front porch? (https://mintygreendream.com/2015/07/31/got-30-minutes-and-an-old-chair-lets-begin)Nothing is safe when I get a plan in mind! I re-taped it and painted it flat black to match the finishes. Again, with one coat of Krylon is covered perfectly!


(Don’t mind the spots, I took the picture before it was completely dried. Too excited I guess!)


Next, I rounded up everything I needed and headed outside! 

Instead of a wreath for the door I opted for a more unique look. I had saw a really awesome woven platter at Home Sense a few weeks back, and have been thinking about it ever since. On the same trip as I scored the pillow, wheat and apples I also found a similar woven platter ON CLEARANCE! I hung that on the door instead, and I’m really happy with the warm texture it adds.




I really love that I could go the apple route, over the traditional pumpkin, because honestly I love a crunchy apple in the fall! Not to mention it just seems so fresh and modern. How lucky do I feel, scoring that pillow that started it all?!

IMG_0766         IMG_0767 

What are you working on?  Feel free to link your fall projects below! I’d love to take a look!




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