Nursery Lamp DIY!

Hi Guys!

Today I was asked about Scoop’s lamp and realized I never did get around to posting that awesome and easy DIY project! Here it is, better late than never!

Here’s what you need:

  • Glass (or acrylic lamp) with a hole in the bottom.
  • Lampshade.
  • Ribbon.
  • Melissa & Doug Wooden blocks
  • Tacky Glue
  • Light bulb.2015-08-19 06.17.00

Moose picked the ribbon for the lampshade. Of course he chose yellow, and since they didn’t have any other ribbons that were yellow, we went with just that. I personally would have added more, but you know how it goes!

First I cut the ric rac long enough to go around the lampshade, about a third of the way up, just join on either side.

2015-08-19 06.21.23

Then I tacked one end on the lampshade at the seam with some tacky glue, wrapping it slowly around and then tacked the other end to match up. You can glue it all the way around in different spots if you want, but as often as I re-purpose things I thought it would be best if I just kept it at the seam. Also because of the slight taper of the lampshade the ribbon stays put anyhow! No extra glue needed!

2015-08-19 06.24.16

Then comes the fun part!

2015-08-19 06.19.33

Adding the blocks (I used a full pack, plus a few more), turning the appropriate number out to balance the colours and make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible is not an easy task so I have to say I kind of let the chips fall as they may after a while here. This lamp was from Target *Sniff sniff* and the hole is juuust big enough a block at a time.

2015-08-19 06.24.53

Once that done, I gave it a quick shake, more like a last chance to have them all fall into place! Ha!

2015-08-19 06.28.18

Finally, add the lampshade, screw in the light bulb (I used a day light LED bulb, I love the bright cool light it provides) and voila! You’re all finished. A custom lamp for your precious babes room!

2015-08-19 06.31.08

And of course, a final picture of it, in its place on Scoop’s night table.

Project Nursery for Baby K 2.0!

Bonus Inspiration: Sure, I’ve done it with blocks, but for an older kiddos it can be filled with anything! Dinkie cars, Legos, marbles, bright wool balls, bows! I could go on forever! Like it enough for your own living space? You could fill it seasonally, or since the beachy/cottage style is super hot right now, fill it with beach glass, shells, rope! The possibilities are endless!

What would you fill your lamp up with? I’d love to hear!! 



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