Got 30 Minutes and an Old Chair? Lets begin!

A few years ago I bought two chairs on kijiji, one I painted the same Raspberry Blush as the front door, and put it out on the front porch (until it got super ratty looking), the other sat in my garage workshop, collecting dust and taking up space. Today I remedy that!

2015-07-31 00.58.31

I took the chair, some painters tape, and some old newspapers and hit the back deck. Taking the newspaper I lined it up carefully below the seat of the chair. I wanted to paint the top, keeping the bottom, and legs the original colour.

Heres a tip!Β When doing this part, maybe skip doing it on the back deck in the wind with a curious 4 year old. You’ll save yourself a ton of time chasing around newspaper pages!

Finally, when it was all finished it looked like this.

2015-07-31 01.16.33

From here I moved the party onto an old picnic table in the back yard, using the great outdoors as a well ventilated space to do the next step, paint! Krylon for the win again, this time in Ocean Breeze.

Krylon Ocean Breeze

I went around trying to cover everything making sure I didn’t miss any spots under the arms or in between slats, but also wanting it to not cover too much, leaving a slightly older, more weathered look. One coat did the trick!

2015-07-31 01.28.38

2015-07-31 02.21.38

From here we moved to the front steps, added a pillow and lantern (a thoughtful wedding gift!) and BAM! A cute cozy space to ‘Sit and watch the world go by’ as my Dad says!

2015-07-31 02.29.50

2015-07-31 02.28.42

Do you have any furniture kicking around you’d like to do something with? I’d love to hear about your plans to upcycle your old pieces!



5 thoughts on “Got 30 Minutes and an Old Chair? Lets begin!

  1. Stephanie @ Mommyzoid says:

    This looks awesome Krystal!

    My condo board is looking at ways to spruce up the building with some decor and paintings and I’m thinking a chair like this outside my door that we can paint and change up with the season would be so fun!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    I should just ask what their budget is and see if they don’t want to just hire you to decorate the hallways and stairwells of the condo πŸ˜‰


    • Krystal Kristiansen says:

      Stephanie I would looove to help out around your condo if I was needed/in the budget, however if not I highly recommend this chair idea for you. Its so fun to change it seasonally! I bet you could come up with amazing things!


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