Round two of Antlers! (The final, Final Round?)

The search is over for the entry art! Here I go again, repurposing a ‘finished’ project!

I was in North End Halifax a few years ago, a girl I had worked with was cleaning out her house, packing what she could carry and heading to Montreal- everything must go! As she showed me around I eyed a sign, “No Hippies”. I immediately fell in love, and in true hippie style, she wouldn’t sell it to me, but instead offered a trade. She would give me the sign, in exchange for the pitcher of freshly squeezed lemonade I had brought with me. To this day it is still up in my top 3 yard sale finds!

No Hippies

To add to the cool factor, I researched the sign this weekend and it was actually made in BC! Its had quite the life so far. You can find lots of cool signs made by the same company here.

The poor sign has been floating around on every empty nail since we turned the spare room into Scoop’s nursery, landing most recently over the bathtubΒ and now, since we’re working on the bathroom I figure it needed a new, more permanent home. I hung it over the boot box in the NEW and IMPROVED entry and to my delight, it felt like home!

Then I searched around for something to compliment it – the antlers!


I didn’t love the pink poppies on it from day one, there was just something about them so there was no love loss when I decided this morning to peel them off and update the look! Since I had already spray painted them gold, the project was already half done.


I took a quick trip to Michaels and picked up some succulents and flowers, came home and got right to work!


I used a hot glue gun to attach the succulents to the antlers, it was a trial and error process since you can’t really tell how they will sit before hand between the contour of the antlers, and the ‘sticks’ on the back of the plants. You kind of have to tack down branches, leaves, petals as you go to perfect the over all appearance.


Once I was finished with the succulents I filled in the empty spaces with flowers.


And with that hung it up above the sign!



Now that the sign is gone from the bathroom, the update can continue! Stay Tuned!



6 thoughts on “Round two of Antlers! (The final, Final Round?)

  1. laura says:

    I really love this! The sign and the antlers and the sitting’s perfect! I’m also turning my house into a home, but I wish I had your vision! If I ever stumble upon a set of antlers I’ll know what to do with them!


    • Krystal Myers says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words Laura. Its taken a while, but I am really happy with how its all coming together. I can’t wait to take a look at your blog, I’m sure I will find inspiration in your projects as well!


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