The Polaroid Project.

Listen up! This one is a quicky! For months I have been trying to find the right art project for the dining room, and I think I’ve found it- (for now)! Enter the Polaroid project!

First, I purchased three 16×20 canvas’ from the Dollarama. The size wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but for the price I could definitely work with it!


Next I found three pictures of my favourite subjects, my boys! I edited them, changing them from colour to black and white, and sent them off to be printed. I chose a medium grade printer paper (11×17) since I was cutting them down anyway.

Cooper - 7 months BW

Easton and Cooper BW

After that I cut them out, making sure to cut all three the same size and making sure there would be room for a band around the top and sides of the picture, as well as a larger space at the bottom of the canvas when placed on.


I spray glued the photo (I know, I’m a sucker for spray glue, right) and placed it on the canvas, lightly pressing down all over for a few seconds.

IMG_9777USE       IMG_9783USE

Once the glue was dried I took a fat sharpie and wrote the boys names and ages on each of the single pictures, and ‘Moose and Scoop’ on the one of the two of them.


With the help of this handsome guy, I got them all hung up straight!


And VOILA! Three fancy new Polariod-esque pictures of my handsome babes!



I’m off to fill up some more wall space! Wish me luck!



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