The One with the Laundry Basket!

Hi Guys!

I hope I’m not the only one who feels like they seriously need some help in the organization department! Right now I am spring cleaning, and racking my brain to come up with new and pretty ways to organize and de-clutter our lives, because lets face it, the less clutter around us the more clear minded we feel! While I work on some fun upcoming projects to tackle those issues I thought I would throwback to a little organizational piece from Scoop’s nursery; his laundry basket! Enjoy!

Now, in Scoops room I wanted to start it off right, and make it is organized as I could from the get-go. This being my second babe, I knew the importance of a large laundry basket. My first stop, Home Sense, and as always, found exactly what I was looking for!

basket 1

I loved this one because of the size, the handles (I have 2 sets of stairs to the laundry room, and often find myself juggling!), and the chalkboard plaque on the front. Once I brought it home and put it with everything else for the room, I felt like personalizing it even more then just writing on the front would be much more unique! I measured the basket into thirds and taped the just above the bottom third line.


From there I went through my paint closet. Some people have a shelf, I have a whole closet, no big deal! I picked out a leftover tester pint of Golden Nugget  by Benjamin Moore, gave it a good stir and picked up my paintbrush! It took a couple of light coats to cover until I was happy with it. I chose light coats so I could make sure it wasn’t dripping onto the bottom, or through the weave into the inside (yep, the inside and bottom had to look good too!)


I let it dry for a good 24 hours before tearing the tape off, again because I wanted to make sure it was dry. After I took the tape off I went around with a smaller brush, to make sure the lines at the top and bottom were good and crisp!


I’m not even going to tell you how many times I wrote ‘dirty clothes’, ‘clean me’, ‘soiled linens’ etc before I just finally settled on plain old ‘laundry’ or how many times its changed since then. Maybe someday I will get my calligraphy stills honed in and really pretty it up, until then here it is- finished project!

basket6 done

Since its such a gorgeous spring day the boys and I will l head outside to play, and maybe start organizing the shed… Maybe.



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