Office Space (Definitely NOT ‘a case of the Mondays’).

 I’ve been moving my laptop computer around for years, from on my lap, on a chair, dining room table, kitchen counter. Its starting to show the wear and tear, and definitely time for it to find a place to call home. A place where I can sit and look for inspiration, blog, upload copious amounts of pictures of my two sweet boys to facebook- you know blogger-mom stuff.

Last weekend I finally got around to painting my unfinished Ikea desk. I went with a white for now, and kept it just how it was aesthetically. I have plans for an Ikea hack, but haven’t quite perfected them yet!

IMG_9475  IMG_9477

From there I brought it upstairs and started filling it with lots of my favourite things. I think that the prettier a space is, the more inspiration you will gather from it. I changed it around dozens of times, added things, taken things away and I’m sure that will be a never ending cycle!

Desk edit 1    Desk Edit 6    Desk Edit 4

I gathered up a few pictures of Brett, the boys and some printables I had either been working on, or ordered over the last few months and made myself a wall of motivation above my computer.

Desk Edit 5

I had some super cute blackbird paper clips so I threw those in behind the frames too! For good luck!

Desk Edit 3

Desk Edit 2

Now my computer has a new home, between my calendar and my to-do list. Lets see how on track this keeps me now! And I love how bright and cheery feeling it is! Not bad for a Monday!



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