What day is it? (3 months & 3 days late!)

The procrastinator in me has left this project on hold far too long. Late last year I found a super cute calendar online for my desk, loved it – until I saw the price! Over $40 by the time shipping was added. It was cute, but definitely not in the budget. That got me thinking – I am NOT a graphic designer, but I wonder if I could throw something together for my desk? I fired up picmonkey, I use it for light photo-editing, why not use it for this too?


After figuring out what I would use as a header for each month, basically using the offered clip arts in various ways to make banners I picked an according font,. Then I switched up the dates to the proper days of the week, printed on card stock and BAM! We had 12 months of calendar pages!


From there I went on the search for a piece of birch, this is where the procrastination gets really bad, it took me until now to go down to Nan’s wood room to look. I didn’t even have to go in before I found this beauty!


I did some trial and error on the chop saw, cutting ‘coins’ to find the perfect thickness for my calendar base. Once I found it, I used a back saw to cut a slit for the calendar pages to sit in.

IMG_9435      IMG_9459

Once that was finished, I filled it with the months, minus the 3 that have already passed, whoops! Hopefully this calendar will be a friendly reminder to stop procrastinating, and to get stuff done!


I can’t wait to put it on my desk, which is currently in the basement getting some work done of its own! That’s a post for later in the week!

See you then!



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