Come on in, have a seat!

Working on the front entry last month (check it out here!) I realized I needed to also do a little something with the boot box we built in.  It was still as functional as ever, Moose uses it to store his hats, scarves and mittens, and  he has a lot of hats, scarves and mittens! Hehehe.
 I wanted something easy to make, and since I don`t have much in the ways of sewing talent I started thinking of different techniques so fasten everything together. I`ve always had good luck with the Elmers spray glue, so I stuck with it! (Ha!)
While at Fabricville a few weeks ago I picked up some really cute hounds tooth  fabric for Moose’s new room makeover. After coming home and sitting it on the boot box, I really loved how it went with the painted design on the opposite wall. That reminds me, I will have to go get more for Moose’s room!!
I ended up having to buy two pieces of 2 inch thick foam because the sheets were either just too small, or way too big! I cut them to fit (24″x 30″) and then spray glued them together to get a comfy, 4″ thickness.
Then I started wrapping the foam like a gift, and spray gluing the fabric down as I went. It was a pretty simple process and the fabric really stuck to the foam nicely!
This is the final product. It took me 20 minutes to finish and I love how it looks!
And best of all, its Moose approved! (He couldn`t believe I whipped this up while he was at preschool!)
Better go make the boys some lunch, until our next project!

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