The Entry Post! Part 1 of the Main Floor Transformation!

Ok guys! I am far too excited about this post!
My entry! – I had painted the entire main living space (minus the kitchen) the blue and purple *see previous post for full deets* back in November 2012. We lived in it, we loved it, but we both agreed when we painted the kitchen it would be lovely to take a fresh, more tame colour throughout the house. The transformation is still a work in progress, there are so many things to change out since the space looks totally different now, but I am in love with this first room!
If you remember, the blue and purple were super bold, but they covered really well with the Benjamin Moore Regal Ulti-matte paint I had chosen, in Gray Owl (OC-52). With the first coat you could just barely see the blue coming through, and after a second light coat – gone completely! I can’t say enough about that paint! And the fact that its a imperfection-hiding, matte finish, and is durable and washable for my high traffic/kid friendly rooms is a HUGE plus!
I picked a navy blue colour for an accent, thanks to a gorgeous pillow from Target! Β Instead of painting the same focal wall with the boot box, like I had before with the purple, I opted for painting the inside of the front door! Oh my gosh! It was love at first sight!! Since I wanted something super durable I picked pearl finish Benjamin Moore Advance paint in a Newburyport Blue (HC-155).
After I had finished the door I loved it so much I thought about painting the closet doors, and the powder room door the same blue, but that is still a hot debate at our house! So in the spirit of compromise I decided to stencil a tribal pattern on one wall.
Using Liquitex paint markers in titanium white and a stencil I made from a piece of cardboard. The stencil was super easy to make, I just drew out a triangle, folded in each corner, then cut out around the shape. Voila!
I traced the pattern starting in the middle of the wall, alternating the triangle shape top up, and down from left to right, and then did the two rows above, then two rows below. I found it really hard to see, so I went over the lines a second time.
When I was all done, and I had the pattern drawn and dried I filled the space with a few new goodies like the large full length mirror I got for a steal at Home Depot, a black table with gold dipped legs, courtesy of Target, a plant in the window and a little brass accent in candle holders and a cute little brass piggy from my local thrift shop! Oh and of course a couple of pictures of my boys! πŸ˜‰
Entry 7
Its not completely finished. I’m working on a bench seat cushion to sit on the boot box, But that’s a DIY post for another day. I will say I am so happy with how it all turned out so far! Its so nice to start over with a completely blank slate!
Until the next project calls my name!

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