Antler Project! – the Finale. (Finally)

A while back I traded some cotton candy sugar for a set of antlers. Yes, you read that right! Cotton candy for antlers! I had a project in mind for them, and well, that project turned into something else, and then something else again but now, finally, I have them mounted on the wall!

First I spray painted the antlers with a gold sparkle spray paint. I love the glamour a little sparkle adds, even to something like deer antlers!! This is the first time I used the Rustoleum Glitter paint but I have to say I loved it! It covered great and doesn’t come off when being handled nearly as much as I feared. I’ve only seen a sparkle or two anywhere since I started!

I decided to mount it to pieces of pallet, just to make it a little rustic feeling. I cut six pieces the same length, then cut 45Β° angles at the ends of each piece. After that I put the pieces together in a chevron pattern with some glue, and nailed on some braces across the back.

Once I got them together I realized it was much too big so I cut the bottom two off and went with 4 pieces instead. (Yep, good ole trial and error! Ha!) Next I used three screws to secure the antlers into the wood.

I found some super cute poppies in a vase at Walmart and cut them out and hot glued them to cover the center of the antlers, so you couldn’t see where I screwed them into the wood. What I really like is that I can pop the flowers off seasonally, or just whenever I want to update! Maybe I will find some pretty real touch flowers down the road for a more permanent solution!

I used a picture hanging kit on the back to add wire so I would be able to hang it on the wall. Here is the final product, hanging proudly in my living room. Love it!!

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