"If you want an adventure, take a step outside"

Making sure that our Minty Green Dream house had the same character on the outside as  we were trying to get on the inside was super important to me, so, after living here for about a year I finally settled way to make it more ‘us’!
The deck needed a major clean up! We stripped off the lattice, closed it in underneath with vertical deck boards, put on new treads and risers, and finally sanded and stained the whole thing! For colours I used Benjamin Moores Arborcoat solid stain in Chantilly Lace (OC-65) on the railings, spindles and risers and Chelsea Gray (HC-168) on the floorboards. For the front door and accent colour I went with Raspberry Blush (2008-30). Such a pretty coral colour!!
Just to add a little pizzazz I painted a chevron stripe in my accent colour on one of the risers, and added our house number to the same riser in a modern font from Home Depot. They didn’t have the house number in the colour I wanted so I brought them home and spray painted (again, Krylon is my go-to!) them with a flat black. Absolutely love the way these turned out! So much so that I did the same with the door handle, reusing the one that had been on the door previously! Cost savings!!
The lights are from Kent Building Supplies and made by Moonrays.They have to be wired in, but they turn on by photo sensor. We put two on every second stair just to add a little bit of light, and to show off the stripe of course! It looks pretty and it adds to the safety of our visitors, afterall, there are a lot of stairs to climb! I should also add that I painted these too… I love flat black! I even found a flat black light that I didnt have to paint, matched perfectly and was much more modern looking then the one that was on the house before! Another awesome Kent find!
My front door I found completely by mistake searching around the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Dartmouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the EXACT door I had been looking for completely untouched and in brand new condition for 80 bucks! I was so excited I called Brett to come pick it up on his lunch break and painted it that night! I even painted an old chair and I found on kijiji to match!
The only thing holding us back from being head over heels in love with the yard was the yard itself so we got the fine folks at Elmsdale Landscaping to come and give it a makeover! They completely tore up the old front yard, pulled out the snowball tree, resodded and planted two beautiful sugar maples!
Before – So many weeds and dead areas!
After – So fresh and so GREEN GREEN!
Moose, pretty proud of his new trees!
Now that all is said and done I can finally say I love it! And I’m super proud to call it home.

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