Project Nursery for Baby K 2.0!

When I was planning a nursery at first I thought I would pick a girl scheme, a boy scheme and then play the waiting game for 9 months before getting started on the room. Anyone who knows me knows that would never happen!
I was wandering around Home Sense, like I did almost every day before work (If I wasn’t at target) and I found my perfect jumping off point for my gender neutral nursery!
I fell in love immediately but still was thinking I would wait and see. After almost 2 weeks of sleepless nights thinking about it, I went back and YAY! it was still there!
We stripped out the carpet, laid down some warm laminate, prepped the walls, and let the paint fly!
 I went with a creamy white for the walls, Acadia White (OC-38) Its so warm, and cozy! We painted the walls in a low-sheen eggshell so it wouldn’t be so shiny, and painted the doors and trim in the same Acadia White in a pearl finish. Painting the walls, doors and trim the same colour made the room feel cozy and so sweet. I am so glad we decided to do that! Inside closet I went with Clearest Ocean Blue (Benjamin Moore 2064-40), just to be a little bold. Closets can be so boring and I knew the doors would be open more then that would be closed.
For furniture I thought about new, but I decided to reuse what we had from Easton. We painted his old crib with my favourite spray paint, Krylon, in Field Green. It covered amazingly, added a punch of colour and looked great up against the Acadia White.
 Then we re-painted his change table Chili Pepper (Benjamin Moore, 2004-20. I love this colour! So warm, a little tiny bit coral-y and again, such a nice pop on the white!
Next to bring in the yellow I added a rug from Home Sense and a basket laundry hamper. The hamper was natural so I taped about a third of the way up from the bottom, painted it yellow and took the paint off. I absolutely love how it turned out!
I am so lucky to have a seamstress in the family, so for the roman blinds I had Bretts Grandma Bernice help me. Of course I made it was difficult as possible by picking a chevron pattern but shes a miracle worker and made it happen!
She inspired me to take on my own little sewing project solo so I recovered an old ottoman in a fun polkadot print!
One thing I learned from our first babe was there is never enough time in the day for stories! And you need a comfy place to curl up to enjoy them! I designed a built in type shelf, drew it up and gave it to my handyman hubby to create. So easy! painted all the pieces, screwed in the bottom piece for stability and air nailed the second piece to hold up the books. He even filled in the nail holes and painted over them so it would be seamless! What a guy! The pictures are from here and of course the frames from here!
Here is the before, and finally the after.
Before – The headboard was painted on the wall to cover up
decor left by previous owner.

I can’t say enough how excited I was to do this room. It has so much personality for baby Scoop (yep! we had another boy!). We spend so much time in there, from changing diapers, to feedings, to reading books before bed. I couldn’t be happier with the result! 
Let me know what you think!

One thought on “Project Nursery for Baby K 2.0!

  1. Chantel says:

    Where did you get those cute ball/lanterns that are hanging above the crib. I have the same color combo in my son’s nursery and want those!!! Thanks!!


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