Winner, Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Great news!!

First of all I should mention that I entered Moose’s nursery in a contest called “So You Think You Can Decorate?“. It was put on by the newest Benjamin Moore store in the Halifax area, Vivid Paint and Decor (off Larry Uteck).

So, I entered the contest hoping that my huge family would help me with voting and I would win it, maybe needing 175 votes max.  When I had entered there had already been a few weeks worth of entries and votes, but I was confidant that I could catch up.  I had a family friend come over and take some shots of the room (My last post) and I uploaded it Monday night, 10 days before the contest closed.  The first night I pasted the link on my facebook I shot up to 3rd place, by Thursday morning I was in first place, 7 days left.  So stressful knowing I had another full week to keep up my lead. Long story short it was a battle right up until the end.  I had family and friends posting, calling friends and family of their own and getting them to vote and right up until Midnight on the 3rd it was neck and neck. When voting was finally closed I clicked the link, closed my eyes and waited for the page to load… I had won it. With 377 votes!!! The 2nd place room was close with 359 votes.

What a tremendous feeling! Knowing my friends and family really believed in me enough to vote, vote, vote, and to share my room with others, urging them to vote really got me thinking.  I am so blessed to have so many supportive people surrounding me. I got many comments on my facebook page, and so many private messages (some from people I hadn’t heard from in years!) telling me how great they thought Moose’s room looked and that I had really found my niche! It meant so much to me knowing that others thought I should pursue my dream of decorating! Thank you all so much! That meant everything to me!

Now I start the journey that it the living room! I met with Melissa Mattinson, the manager and head designer for Vivid and we have some pretty great ideas up our sleeves! Can’t wait to get started!

Here are some before shots from the listing.

And keep your eyes peeled for the tranfsormation!!

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