Project Nursery!

A bedroom for ‘Moose’ was the more important for me to finish.  When we first viewed the room it was a grey colour and covered in Twilight posters! Obviously those had to come down! When we moved in the posters were gone but in their spot the word “Gryffindor” of Harry Potter fame was painted. E is a little young for that yet!

 Before –
 After –

This is what we did –

When planning the room we wanted to make sure that we picked something that would grow up with him. We also wanted something bright, fun and fresh! We went with a blue wall colour (hundred acre sky by behr), and added a green stripe (paradise green by behr) and his name in orange above, then we hung some paper lanterns to bring in more colour. We tied in a jungle theme by adding animal print with the rug and tub and some bright coloured animal silhouettes on the walls. We placed jungle animals, frames and the lamps on the dresser and window too. Those items can be removed when he gets older in exchange for some more age appropriate things. Instead of using a traditional dresser we used a shelving unit in black, to match the crib and used colourful canvas bins for his clothes.  I love this idea because I can just take them out when organizing the clean laundry, fill them up and pop them back in.  Its helped me keep 100 times more organized! In the place of a change table I bought a ‘dry sink’ and left it the original green.  We thought about painting it but it is a nice dark green and looks great in the space.

Here is the result.

We are so happy with the result, and luckily, our Moosie loves it too!

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