My Newest Obsession!

So… Have you been on Pinterest yet?
I was introduced to it a few months back by my sister-in-law and I’ve been hooked ever since.  It has everything! Beauty tips, recipes, craft ideas, and of course, home decor!!  Lots of great diy tips, furniture selections, colour combinations, and more!  Its a GOLD MINE!
One of the things I really love about it is that I can group lots of pictures, tips and articles all together, where I can easily access them and best of all its not taking up precious storage space on your computer!  You can follow your friends, your family, your favourite designers and your favourite bloggers pins and boards by syncing up your pinterest account with you’re facebook and twitter or by searching their names in the search bar. Another great feature is the ‘Pin It’ button! Add the ‘Pin It’ button to you’re favourites bar and when you find something interesting on a website you can click the button, and pin that picture, or article straight to you’re board!  Then while on the pinterest website you can search for everything and anything and a lot of the time it will link you to website someone else has already ‘pinned’! So cool!!
If you’re not on Pinterest yet, get on it! Oh yeah, and follow me! 🙂
Oh yeah and for the record….

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